Mr. Popson Jaiyesimi is a man of proven character and he has passion for nation building and development. He is well educated both locally and internationally in business, Management and Accounting.

He has BA Hons. In Business Management and Accounting from Institute of Commercial Technology, Latina, Italy, while he bagged Post Graduate Diploma in Management studies at Business School, Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), United Kingdom

He has 34 years of work experience, both home and abroad in Administration, Accounting and Management. He is well endowed in skills such as data analysis, workload and human resource management. Until his appointment as the DMD, LFZDC, He was the Acting Managing Director of LWIL and currently one of the Executive Director (Finance & Admin) on the LFZDC Board.

Mr. Jaiyesimi derives fulfilment in bringing synergy between the people and the government to promote social change.

Mr. Jaiyesimi is a social entrepreneur, motivator, a bridge builder and a leader of social orientation.