Mr. Chen Xiaoxing MD, LFZDC Met With Consular Zhou Shanqing of the Economic & Commercial Office from the Embassy of People’s Republic of China at Federal Republic of Nigeria

  • Jan 18, 2013
At 10:00 a.m. on the 18th Jan. 2013, Mr. Chen Xiaoxing, MD LFZDC met with Mr. Zhou Shanqing, the Consular of Economic & Commercial Office in the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Federal Republic of Nigeria in Abuja. Also in the meeting was Mr. Zhang Bin, the DMD of CRCC Nigeria Ltd.
Mr. Chen introduced the development history and progress of Lekki Free Zone and illustrated the difficulties facing the zone presently while desiring to get help and support from the Economic & Commercial Office.
Consular Zhou fully affirmed the significance of Lekki Free Zone for China-Nigeria bilateral trade development and highly appraised contributions done by Mr. Chen as a pioneer. Besides, he stated that he was willing to cooperate and help to resolve the problems and difficulties of Lekki Free Zone.
Afterwards, they engaged in an in-depth discussion on the development of Lekki Free Zone. Through this meeting, a remarkable impact was made as Consular Zhou had a deeper understanding of Lekki Free Zone and a strong support was obtained from the Economic & Commercial Office and Mr. Zhou himself.
Mr. Chen Xiaoxing met with Consular Zhou Shanqing