Investment Agreement Signed between LFZDC and Dalian Jiuhua Company

  • Jan 06, 2016

 In January 6, 2016, LFZDC and Dalian Jiuhua Development Co., Ltd. signed the formal investment agreement. Mr. Ding Yonghua, the MD of LFZDC, and Mr. Cheng Yanhong, Chairman of Jiuhua signed the agreement on the Dalian Jiuhua Furniture Production Base Projects. Also, in attendance were Mr. Rotimi Ibrahim, DMD of LFZDC, Mr. Chi Changgui, Commercial Controller of LFZDC, Mr. Huang Xigong, Engineering Controller of LFZDC, and Mr. Tang Xuelin, Deputy Director of Marketing Department for the signing of the investment agreement.

Investment Agreement Signed between LFZDC and Dalian Jiuhua Company.jpg

Dalian Jiuhua has been operating business in Nigeria for more than 10 years, and their major products are windows and doors. According to the agreement, Aslan Nigeria would be established in FZC in LFZ, and the estimated investment will be USD 8 million, the project will occupy 5 hectares of land space, and the production line would be in operation by September 2016.