Empowering Communities: LFZDC’s Commitment to Sustainable Development in Tiye, Imobido Ilege, and Idasho

On January 3, 2023, the Lekki Free Zone Development Company (LFZDC) took a significant stride towards community development by presenting OutBoard Engines, Smoking Kilns, and Fishing Nets to its host communities of Tiye, Imobido Ilege, and Idasho. The occasion was graced by a distinguished gathering including the Deputy Managing Director of LFZDC, Mrs. Bolatito Ajibode, Administrative Controller Mr. Adebanjo Otukomaya, Chairman of Ibeju Lekki Local Government Mr. Olowa Abdullah, and the Chairman of Lekki Worldwide Investment Limited (LWIL), Dr. Tunde Sodade, represented by Mr. Emmanuel Aguda, Deputy General Manager in charge of Stakeholder Management at LWIL. The Baale of the Host Communities, along with Youth Leaders, Women Leaders, and other dignitaries, added to the significance of the event.

Mrs Bolatito Ajibode DMD LFZDC and Mr. Olowa Abdullah, Chairman of Ibeju Lekki LCDA

The generous gesture by LFZDC to provide OutBoard Engines, Smoking Kilns, and Fishing Nets underscores the company’s commitment to the well-being and prosperity of its host communities. This initiative not only reflects a sense of responsibility but also signifies a collaborative approach to sustainable community development.

During the event, the leaders of the host communities expressed their heartfelt gratitude to LFZDC for their kind gestures and unwavering concern towards improving the standard of living for the residents. Their appreciation was not just a formality but a genuine acknowledgment of LFZDC’s efforts to positively impact the lives of those in Tiye, Imobido Ilege, and Idasho.

Mr. Olowa Abdullah, Chairman of Ibeju Lekki LCDA, commended LFZDC for prioritizing the well-being of its host communities. He praised the company for its initiatives and encouraged the management not to rest on their laurels but to continue the good work, emphasizing the long-lasting positive effects such initiatives bring to the community.

Mrs. Bolatito Ajibode, Deputy Managing Director of LFZDC, expressed gratitude to the host communities for their continuous support. She assured them that LFZDC is committed to placing the utmost priority on improving the well-being of the host communities through CSR initiatives that will have a lasting positive impact.

The Management of LFZDC with some women from the Communities

In his address, Mr. Adebanjo Otukomaya, the Administrative Controller, urged the youth to equip themselves with necessary skills and educational qualifications. He emphasized the immense opportunities available for those who are prepared, aligning with LFZDC’s commitment to not only provide resources but also encourage self-sufficiency and personal development among the youth in the host communities.

LFZDC’s CSR initiatives stand as a beacon of responsible corporate citizenship, showcasing a model of collaboration that benefits both the company and the communities it serves. As LFZDC continues its journey towards sustainable development, events like these reinforce the belief that a thriving community is an integral part of a successful business ecosystem. The OutBoard Engines, Smoking Kilns, and Fishing Nets are not just tools; they symbolize a brighter and more prosperous future for all involved.