Zhang Bin

Managing Director, LFZDC

Mr. Zhang Bin is a seasoned Economist with over 23 years experience working with the Ministry of Commerce (China). He is a specialist in the areas of International Trade, Investment, Macro Policy-Making and General Construction. A former diplomat in charge of regional and bilateral economic cooperation affairs between People Republic of China in Asia and other related Continents such as Africa and Middle East.

Prior to Mr. Zhang Bin’s appointment as the Managing Director, LFZDC; he was the Managing Director of Overseas Business Department (Middle-East and North Africa) CCECC.

Mr. Zhang Bin holds a Bachelors of Economics from Beijing 2nd Foreign Languages University, China major in International Eco-Tech Cooperation and Masters of Economics, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies from Kobe University, Japan major in Economic Development and Policies. He is proficient in English and Arabic Languages.

He is versatile in International Construction, Engineering Regulations, Standards and Procedures mainly on the basis of FIDIC terms.